Long time no C.

It’s been a long while since my last post and a whole lot of things happened in that time. First of all, in October I moved over to the wonderful city of Oulu, which is full of awesome people, nature, and space to breathe. It is also freezing cold but that’s only a minor downside compared to much good this place does to my soul.

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Plans are made to fall apart

The world apparently doesn’t think I’m having it hard enough. It took me a long time to muster the strength to start making changes in my life, and just as everything sort of seemed to brighten up…

…it hit me. My income (well, unemployment benefit) will quite soon drop dramatically, while at the same time my living expenses go up due to having to pay off mortgage again – and considering I only survived this far by constantly borrowing money, this is obviously not good. The situation leaves me with very few choices: either I get a job now or I’ll have to pack up and sell the place. Might even have to sell the place nevertheless, since said job could well be in a location that doesn’t mix well with where I live.

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Goodbye 2015, welcome 2016.

I can’t really say this year has been the worst year ever – that was 2012, the year of death. First one of my cockatiels died, followed by my dog who I had to put down only a few days after. Summer took away both of my rabbits on separate occasions, and inbetween I even got a new bunny that had to be put to sleep as well. Gave away the remaining cockatiel to someone who could provide a better home for her, and so where there once was seven, only two remained by my side at the end of that year.

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