Long time no C.

It’s been a long while since my last post and a whole lot of things happened in that time. First of all, in October I moved over to the wonderful city of Oulu, which is full of awesome people, nature, and space to breathe. It is also freezing cold but that’s only a minor downside compared to much good this place does to my soul.

The dog feels right at home with all the cold and snow, though.

I didn’t choose to hop on the other side of the country on a random whim, however: in August I was accepted to Oulu University of Applied Sciences to study Information and Communications Technology, focus on software development. If all goes according to plan (pfft, since when?) I’ll be firing world-class code from my fingertips in four years. For now, I’m slowly getting re-acquainted with programming and playing around with Arduino.

Although the change has been a positive force in my life, all is not well in the land. Being unemployed for such a long time and struggling to keep up with life due to my poor mental health left me buried in debt so my financial status is currently a disaster. The good news is that I’m finally able to pay back those debts instead of making more of it on a monthly basis… but the bad news is, it will take years to climb up from this pit and meanwhile I’m on a zero budget. Even if I had a job, which I, unfortunately, don’t. I’ve started making efforts into finding at least a part-time job to secure extra funds and provide some leeway in my monthly budget but job hunting is every bit as tedious and difficult as it was before.

Fortunately, my medication is finally working as it should and I haven’t fallen into despair as I would’ve done a couple of years ago. This hopefully leaves me with enough energy to take on a few Coursera classes alongside my primary studies. After all, right now I can’t do too much studying to gain the knowledge and skills I need to land a job, every bit I can use on my CV helps. I failed at keeping up with all my courses last year, so this year I’m making an extra effort to keep up with my schedule and make sure I’m learning something new every day.

That being easier said that done, though, as I’ve also resumed marriage with the love of my life: Guild Wars 2. Having an awesome guild community you don’t want to abandon and in-game goals to strive for, it’s not easy staying away from it. A balance needs to be found, however, if I ever want to make something of myself. I think very few people can manage to be┬átop tier both in an MMO of their choosing and real life, and I know I’m definitely not built for it. Thanks, brains.

On the whole, 2016 included way too much drama and crises to have me thinking back to it with fondness. Getting accepted to a school and moving was great, but on the positive side little else worth mentioning really happened. I look forward to 2017 with cautious hope that it’ll get better.

Okay, admittedly my sweet new rig was also pretty amazing. Even if it spiraled me even further into debt.
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