Plans are made to fall apart

The world apparently doesn’t think I’m having it hard enough. It took me a long time to muster the strength to start making changes in my life, and just as everything sort of seemed to brighten up…

…it hit me. My income (well, unemployment benefit) will quite soon drop dramatically, while at the same time my living expenses go up due to having to pay off mortgage again – and considering I only survived this far by constantly borrowing money, this is obviously not good. The situation leaves me with very few choices: either I get a job now or I’ll have to pack up and sell the place. Might even have to sell the place nevertheless, since said job could well be in a location that doesn’t mix well with where I live.

Well, anyway. While this all stresses me out for obvious reasons, I’m also extremely upset over having to drop dancing since I can’t be sure where I am next month. I only got try it out four times and it was really fun, not to mention helped a lot with my weight loss project and building routines in my life, both of which will be harder again now. I really hope the crisis passes before the fall season starts so I can try again.

funny-unemployment-job-search-sarcasmLuckily I have some well-connected friends in the industry and their support in finding employment has been very helpful and uplifting so far. In case anyone else can help me in this, I would be more than grateful for any contacts or hints. My top skills:

  • community relations & customer service
  • (copy)writing (English and Finnish)
  • setting up and operating services/platforms such as MailChimp, WordPress and EventBrite
  • social media

I have also varying level of experience with QA, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, 3D, video editing, Ruby on Rails, photography.

Learning new tech, services, platforms etc. is no biggie, I’m used to being the one to tutor others in using apps I know.
I can handle Git/SVN.

My previous jobs in the game industry were at Dodreams and Tribe Studios.

I’ve been the editor-in-chief at IGDA Finland since January, 2014 and now moved on to the position of media team lead.
I’m also the editor for games articles at Nörttitytöt since January, 2014 as well.
Occasionally I write game reviews for Tilt.
Also a guild leader since 2006.

Primarily I’m interested in community management and customer service, but anything that matches my skillset is of course something I’d love to hear about. CV, writing samples, details etc. available to anyone interested.

Other than that… anyone interested in a 56 m2 two-room apartment in Järvenpää? Pipes repaired a couple years back, kitched renovated only a few months ago, a glassed-in balcony, a quiet building, 2-min walk to the grocery store, 10-min walk to the train station, ~35 minutes by train to Helsinki. Lived here for five years and very much liking it, and wouldn’t give it up unless the situation wasn’t what it is.

I so wish life wasn’t this complicated all the time.

As a small sidenote I just have to say: been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately. Back in the day I didn’t even realize how unique and revolutional that show was/is, though I was a silly teen which might explain why this escaped me. The awful “special effects” aside, it’s also still actually very good and I’m totally hooked. (Doesn’t hurt Spike totally got me in the fangirl mode. Mmmm pretty vampire boy is pretty.)


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